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Explore Cambodia

Combining old-world charm with contemporary undertones, Cambodia is a land which begs to be explored. Mountain ranges, gulf coast beaches and ancient ruins are just a few of the reasons to set foot in this curious kingdom. Located in the northern province of Siem Reap, the magnificent Temples of Angkor are one of the most significant archaeological sites in Southeast Asia. A staggering display of spiritual devotion to the Hindu faith, the ‘big three’ most visitors want to experience are Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm. The capital city of Phnom Penh is worth a visit for its notable architecture. The Royal Palace is home to the stunning Silver Pagoda, named so because it’s tiled with five tonnes of the precious metal. The National Museum of Cambodia is found just north of the palace, featuring a wonderful collection of art from the city’s ‘golden age’. Let's explore Cambodia with Vietnam Exploration Booking tours

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